What are the Transport Documents?

The carriage of goods in international trade involves more than one mode of transport.  Goods are carried up to seaport or airport by land and from there they are transported to the buyer’s country.  The goods may again be transported by land/rail to reach the buyer’s place.  Carriage by each mode of transport is covered by a separate contract of carriage.  But the modern trend is the move towards multimodal transport, providing for the continuous obligation of the carrier for more than one mode of transport.  Articles of UCP dealing with transport documents are as follows:
Transport Documents

Article 19 – Multimodal Transport Document

Article 20 – Bill of Lading

Article 21 – Non-negotiable Sea Waybill

Article 22 – Charter Party Bill of Lading

Article 23 – Air Transport Document

Article 24 – Raod, Rail or Inland Waterway Transport Documents

Article 25 – Courier Receipt, Post Receipt or certificate of Posting

Article 26 – Clauses “on deck”, “shipper’s load and count”, “said by shipper to contain” and charges additional to freight

Article 27 – Clean Transport Document.

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