The use of Capital Letters

The Capital letter is used:

   i) To begin a sentence.

  ii) To begin each fresh line of poetry.

 iii) To begin all Proper Nouns and Adjectives derived from them;
  •        India, Indian; England, English; Tamil, Tamilian; Paul, Pauline.
  iv)  For all pronouns which stands for God;
  •        God, Lord, Father, Creator, Maker, He, Him, His.
  v)  For names of great books, plays, works of art;
  •        The Mahabaratha, The Bible, King Lear, Mono Lisa, The Taj Mahal.
 vi)  For names of days, months, festivals and historical era;
  •        Sunday, March, Diwali, Christmas, Middle Ages.
viii) To write the pronoun 'I' and the Interjection 'O'.

Use of Capital Letters

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