The Conjunction

1. A Conjunction is a word which merely joins together sentences or words.
    The man is rich and honest.
    The man is poor but honest.
    Two and two make four.
2. Conjuctions which are used in pairs are called Correlative Conjunction.
  1.     Either.........or
  2.     Neither.......nor
  3.     Both..........and
  4.     Though......yet
  5.     Whether.....or
  6.     Not only.....but also
3. When Compound expressions are used as Conjunctions they are called Compound Conjunctions.
    In order that, on condition that, even if, so that, provided that, as though, in as much as,
    as well as, as soon as, as it.....

Classes of Conjunction

1. Co-ordinating Conjunctions join together clauses of equal rank.  They are:
    And, but, for, or, also, either.... or, neither.... nor

2. A Sub-ordinating Conjunctions joins a clause to another on which it depends for its full meaning.
    They are:
    After, because, if, though, till, before, unless, as, when, where, while.


Complete the sentences with the correct conjunction.  Use and / but / because / so.    
Example: I have a pen.  I have a pencil. - I have a pen and a pencil.
  1. I like rice__________fish for breakfast.    
  2. Shanthi is kind__________smart.
  3. She wants coffee__________not cake.
  4. He works very hard,__________he's really tired.
  5. Kanaga can't come tomorrow__________she's sick.
  6. He plays soccer every day__________he's very good.
  7. I can meet you today__________not tomorrow.
  8. Karthik likes small dogs__________not big dogs.
  9. She can speak French__________not Italian.
  10. Ramesh's very happy__________he's got a new job.
Answers: 1. and  2. and  3. but  4. so  5. because  6. so  7. but  8. but  9. but  10. because


Join the two sentences to make one sentence.  Use and / but / because / or / so.
Example: I have a pen.  I have a pencil. - I have a pen and a pencil.
  1. I like coffee.  I like tea.__________
  2. She has a cat.  She doesn't have a dog.__________
  3. I don't have much money.  I can't buy a computer.__________
  4. She isn't here.  She's on vacation.__________
  5. Do you write with your left hand? Do you write with you right hand?__________
  1. I like coffee and tea.
  2. She has a cat but she doesn't have a dog.
  3. I don't have much money so I can't buy a computer.
  4. She isn't here because she's on vacation.
  5. Do you write with your left hand or your right hand?

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