Sentence Pattern

To answer the questions on Identifying the Sentence Pattern it is a must have sufficient knowledge of the Patterns.

For a Sentence to give a Complex Meaning, words must be arranged in their proper order.
  • A snake bites Rajan. (Correct)
  • Rajan bites a snake. (Wrong)
The Correct Meaning of the Sentence depends on the Word Order.

Sentence Pattern

A Sentence is a formation of Elements.  They are:
  1. Subject (S)
  2. Verb (V)
  3. Object (O)
  4. Complement (C)
  5. Adjunct (A)
Object may be Direct Object (Do) or Indirect Object (Io)
  • They wrote him a letter.
The form of this sentence is: S V Io Do
  • They (S)  wrote (V)  him (Io)  a letter (Do)
  • Kamal is intelligent (S V C)
  • Kamal (S)  is (V)  intelligent (C)
  • She drinks coffee in the morning. (S V O A)
  • She (S)  drinks (V)  coffee (O)  in the morning (A)

How to find the Correct Element?

To find the Subject, ask the question, 'Who.....?' or 'Which....?' or 'What.....?'
  • Sita reads.  (S+V)
To find the Verb, ask the question, 'What is the Subject doing?' or 'What is done to the Subject?'.
  • He saw a tiger. (S+V+O)
To find the Direct Object, ask the question, 'Whom...?' or 'What.....?'
  • The policemen catch thieves. (S+V+O)
To find the Complement ask the question 'What is the Subject?' or 'What is the Subject made (found) to be?'
  • Meena is a pilot (S+V+C)
  • They made him a Bishop (S+V+C)
To find the Indirect Object, ask the question, 'To Whom....?'
  • My mother bought me a computer. (S+V+Io+Do)
To find the Adjunct, (Adverbial Adjunct) ask the question, 'How..?' or 'How many....?' or 'Where...?' or 'When...?'.
  • Children are playing in the garden. (S+V+A) 
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