Question Tags

  • To answer the questions on Question Tags one has to know the right forms of the Tags.
  • A Question-tag is a short question attached to a statement.  It is commonly used in conversation to seek confirmation.  Tag questions are always used in the short form and the subject is always pronoun and not a noun.
  • Always a Comma is put between the statement and the question-tag.
  • The verb in the tag is either the auxiliary used in the statement or one of the proper forms of Do; Does; or Did.
  • An Affirmative statement takes a Negative tag and a Negative statement is followed by a Positive tag.
Question Tags

 1. Positive Statements with Negative Tags

  1.     I am healthy, aren't I?
  2.    You have written, haven't you?
  3.    He is gone, isn't he?
  4.    She drank milk, didn't she?
  5.    It is very beautiful, isn't it?
  6.    We shall take tea, shan't we?
  7.    You will come, won't you?
  8.    They would reply, wouldn't they?

2. Negative Statement with Positive Tags

  1.     I do not sleep in class, do I?
  2.     You have no doubts, have you?
  3.     He can't always play, can he?
  4.     She did not carry an umbrella, did she?
  5.     The picture is not interesting, is it?
  6.     We have nowhere to play, have we?
  7.     You are not clever, are you?
  8.     None of them brought the book, did they?

3. Question Tags that follow the Imperatives

  1.     Come in, won't you?
  2.     Pass me that salt, will you? (Not a negative tag)
  3.     Don't waste your time, will you?
  4.     Stand erect, can;t you?
  5.     Let's begin our classes, shall we?
  6.     Please excuse me, won't you?

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