Pure Vowels - 12

 1. i:       as in see; sea, me, free, key, machine, bead, feel, feet, heat, leak, peel, beak, beat, bee, these,
                              cheese, speed, believe, field, police, canteen, seat, reason, feast, people, peace,
                              complex, deceive, perceive, siege, eat, easy, meet.

 2.        as in sit; him, film, ink, village, bid, fill, hit, lick, pit, big, silk, because, neglect, reduce, beauty,
                            system, mystery, pity, baggage, private, babies, carried, cities, paties, busy, coffee,
                            money, carriage, bargain, build, foreign, credit, mercy.

 3. e       as in ten; head, get, said, friend, dead, set, bed, bell, bet, nest, belt, get, let, wet, met, feather,
                             ready, any, many, bury, leisure, men, every.

 4. a:      as in hat; cat, stamp, dad, sat, angle, flat, bad, lack, back, mat, man, cab, mad, badge, cap,
                              bat, batch, ass, ample, camp, bank.

 5. æ      as in arm; car, cart, art, hard, pas, aunt, clerk, flask, ask, fast, answer, dance, path, bath, bard,
                               heart, lark, par, calm, large, farm, bar, after, staff, palm, calf, drama, father.

 6. ɒ       as in got; not, jog, hop, gone, cough, sworn, hot, lock, pot, cot, box, dog, rod, borrow,
                              sorrow, sorry, because, knowledge.

 7. ə      as in saw; score, four, door, board, pour, caught, court, horse, soar.

 8. ʊ       as in put; good, should, wood, wolf, full, look, book.

 9. u:      as in too; food, crude, do, move, group, fool, cool, hoot.

10. ʌ      as in cup; double, monk, up, sun, blood, bud, hut, luck, sun, cut, bunch, pump, much, come,
                              son, among, month, country, enough, couple, young, does.

11. ɜ:      as in fur; bird, word, heard, church, journey, furl, hurt, lurk.

12. ə       as in ago; attack, maker, doctor, teacher, towards, about.


Diphthongs - 8

 1. eI         as in page; say, play, grey, day, pay, great, fail, hate, late, pay, age, cake, taste, pray, way,
                                    may, clay, aim, pair, paint, wait, eight, weight, they, break, gate, pale, place.

 2. aI         as in five ; my, eye, bike, time, buy, either, bide, file, height, like, pie.
 3. əI         as in join ; toy, boiler, noise, boy, oil, employ, soil.

 4. əʊ        as in home; snow, go, alone, road, no, only, bode, foal, know.

 5. aʊ        as in now; how, found, cow, outside, sound, bowed, fowl, bout.

 6. Iə         as in near; beer, tier, here, period, dear, fear, ea.

 7. eə        as in hair; care, stair, air, fair, aeroplane.

 8. ʊə        as in pure; poor, tour, sure.

Consonants - 24

Unvoiced and Voiced Pairs - 1

 1. p      as in pen; pig, pencil, pardon, appoint, space, spirit, potato, simple, limp, loop, captain, cheap,

 2. b      as in bad; book, baby, big, rubber, sob, buy, robber, rib, obtain, object, submerge, submit.

 3. t      as in tea; taxi, table, take.

 4. d     as in did; dog, depend, date, leader, seed.

 5. k     as in cat; kick, cake, contact, kind, accord.

 6. g     as in got; get, great, glass, go, figure, twig.

 7. ʧ     as in chin; church, chat, chain, merchant, rich.

 8. ʤ    as in June; judge.

Unvoiced and Voiced Pairs -2

 9. f     as in fall; food, gift, fine, physics, laugh.

10. v    as in voice; very, receive, vain, event, dove.

11. θ    as in thin; throw, thumb, thick, method.

12. ð    as in then; this there, though, leather, smooth.

13. s     as in so; swim, sun, sigh, ice, escape.

14. z     as in zoo; zero, zebra, lazy, noise.

15. ʃ     as in she; sheep, shine, assure, shoe, station, mission.

16. ʒ    as in vision; pleasure, leisure, measure, casual.

Other Consonants

17. h    as in how; height, hero, hotel, history.

18. m   as in man;  among, calm, meat, summer, climb, meet.

19. u    as in no; not, annoy, nose, beginning, ton.

20. ŋ   as in sing; bring, banged, singing, tongue, anger.

21. I     as in leg; hallo, always, leap, living, love.

22. w   as in wet; away, swim, when, twist, once.

23. r    as in red; around, proud, write, river.

24. j    as in yes; yellow, usual, stupid, mule.

Later added Phonemes

1a.  i     as in happy - as in dubious
8a.  u    as in situation - as in stimulate
      wə  As a sequence Diphthong 9 - as in actual      

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