This is the first site on Internet, from which you can learn English through Tamil language. We tried our level best to give best tutorials on English Grammer and make it easier for newbies to understand English in a better way. There are lots of Images and Charts which makes it easier to understand the English Grammer.

Learn English through Tamil

In India, except Tamilnadu ( even though children studying in high class schools) other state students are speaking in English fluently without having any trouble. This may be because we love our mother tongue 'Tamil' rather than any other languages. But the fact is we are all thinking that English is a difficult language to write, speak and to understand. My question is if you speak 'Tamil' which contains 247 letters, why can't English which contains only 26 letters? Our site's main aim is "Learn English through Tamil" (i.e) you are going to learn an unknown language through a very well known language.

We are sure that our site will be a master tool for students who were all under-rated as they never going to speak in English.  This site is going to play an essential role in today's students life.  We are so glad to produce such a site, which is going to prove the statement that "You are never too old to learn".

An important thing about this site is, we have given lots of exercises and examples to workout through which students can test themselves about what they learned.  Some of the chapters in this site are especially created for beginners, who feels difficult to read, write, speak and understand English.

Once if you read all the chapters in this site truly, and worked out all the exercises given, then mark our words that you are going to become a well versed person in English and going to earn a huge respect wherever you go in this globalized world.

Salient features of this Online Spoken English Course

  1. This site is a gift for  those students and persons, who were all feeling that they can't speak English.
  2. We have created this site to reach the Global Language "English" even in corners of Tamilnadu.
  3. The best concept of this site is making people to learn and understand English through Tamil.
  4. We have given lots of exercises with answers.  Answers given doesn't means that first look at the answer and then go for questions.  Train yourself by working out those exercises.
  5. Though this site is meant mainly for the High School Students, it will also be of great help to the Teacher Trainees and College students.
  6. The House Wives and Sales Representatives will find this site very useful to them.

Spoken English

From Basic to Advanced with British Pronounciation

For Whom

  • Those who are absolute beginners to learning of English language.
  • Job seekers who want to improve their English fluency for getting jobs.
  • House wives who want to help their children in their studies.
  • College students who want to attend campus Interviews.
  • Call centre / BPO / MNC job seekers who want to improve their Pronounciation and Accent.

Way of Teaching

  • Especially we have modernize method called SFTIB through this method we make you speak English very quickly.
  • Interactive way of teaching (100% practical way)
  • English rule is being implemented in the tutorials.
  • We teach English by well qualified and trained professionals.

At the End of Course

  • If you are very much dedicated to the learning process of spoken English at "Learn English through Tamil - Comprehensive Manual Guide for Beginners" you can speak English Fluently.
  • You will be very much different from others in the way of speaking English with British Pronounciation.

Topics covered in Spoken English Course

Index of Content
  1.  English Alphabet
  2.  The Sentence - Kinds of Sentence
  3.  The Phrase and The Clause
  4.  Parts of Speech
  5.  Subject and Predicate
  6.  Noun
  7.  The Adjective
  8.  Articles
  9.  The Determiner
  10.  Pronouns
  11.  The Verb
  12.  Verbs and Tenses {Chart-1}
  13.  Verbs and Tenses {Chart-2}
  14.  Verbs and Tenses {Chart-3}
  15.  Verbs and Tenses {Chart-4}
  16.  Verbs and Tenses {Chart-5}
  17.  Verbs and Tenses {Chart-6}
  18.  Verbs and Tenses {Chart-7}
  19.  Verbs and Tenses {Chart-8}
  20.  Verbs and Tenses {Chart-9}
  21.  Verbs and Tenses {Chart-10}
  22.  Verbs and Tenses {Chart-11}
  23.  Verbs and Tenses {Chart-12}
  24.  Verbs and Tenses {Chart-13}
  25.  Verbs and Tenses {Chart-14}
  26.  Verbs and Tenses {Chart-15}
  27.  Verbs and Tenses {Chart-16}
  28.  Verbs and Tenses {Chart-17}
  29.  Verbs and Tenses {Chart-18}
  30.  Prefix {Chart-1} Meaning in Tamil
  31.  Prefix {Chart-2} Meaning in Tamil
  32.  Prefix {Chart-3} Meaning in Tamil
  33.  Prefix and Suffix {Chart-1} Meaning in Tamil
  34.  Suffix {Chart-2} Meaning in Tamil
  35.  Suffix {Chart-3} Meaning in Tamil
  36.  Synonyms {Chart-1} Meaning in Tamil
  37.  Synonyms {Chart-2} Meaning in Tamil
  38.  Synonyms {Chart-3} Meaning in Tamil
  39.  Synonyms {Chart-4} Maaning in Tamil
  40.  Antonyms {Chart-1} Meaning in Tamil
  41.  Antonyms {Chart-2} Meaning in Tamil
  42.  Antonyms {Chart-3} Meaning in Tamil
  43.  Antonyms {Chart-4} Meaning in Tamil
  44.  Tenses and Voices {Chart-1} Meaning in Tamil
  45.  Being And Doing
  46.  Doing {Active Voice}
  47.  Doing {Passive Voice}
  48.  Changing Active Voice to Passive Voice
  49.  Mood of the Verb
  50.  The Adverb
  51.  Preposition
  52.  The Conjunction
  53.  Ineterjection
  54.  Auxiliaries
  55.  Idioms and Phrases
  56.  Punctuation
  57.  The use of Capital Letters
  58.  Question Tags
  59.  Infinitives (Non-Finites)
  60.  Direct Speech and Indirect Speech
  61.  Transformation of Sentences - Simple, Compound, Complex
  62.  Sentence Pattern
  63.  Phonemes
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