The Sentence

A group of words or (or a word) which makes a complete sense is called a Sentence.
The Sun gives light.

Sentence - Kinds of Sentences

Kinds of Sentences

1.Declarative or Assertive Sentences- Statements.
   My father gave me a rupee.

2.Interrogative Sentences- Questions.
   How are you?

3.Impressive Sentences- Commands and Requests.
   Keep quiet.
   Look mercifully upon us.

4.Exclamatory Sentences- Strong Feelings.
   How cold is Ooty!
   What a pity!

5.Simple Sentence
   My mother sings well.

6.Compound Sentence 
   She sang well and she got the first prize.

7.Complex Sentence
   The town in which I live is very large.

8.Subjective Sentence
   My brother is eating.

9.Objective Sentence
   My elder sister is teaching her son.

10.Active Sentence
     My uncle drives a car.

11.Passive Sentence
     Sheep are led by the shepherd.

12.Affirmative Sentence
     The child is walking

13.Negative Sentence
     He did not write the annual examination.

14.Direct Sentence
     Ramu said "I love you".

15.Indirect Sentence
     Ramu said that he loved me.

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